About Us

Shriya is a Silver jewellery brand established in 2018, powered by DPR Jewellery, a Gold and Diamond Jewellery house since 1928 in Ahmedabad. 

Shriya was born out of sheer passion of two ambitious women- Vidhi Radhanpura and Niki Radhanpura. 

The jewellery business almost flows through her veins with a strong familial business background in the industry for Vidhi who is also a creative soul,completed her graduation from Calcutta University. After working in the production unit of gold and diamond D.P Jewels (Ahmedabad) for about 3years she wanted to add more to the family legacy with a contemporary touch leading to the birth of Shriya.

Niki is a zealous business woman, who has been working in the  jewellery business since the age of 16.She was born into a family of jewellers and eventually also got married into one making the jewellery business second to her nature. A keen lover  of silver jewellery herself, Niki envisions to incorporate different facets of a woman’s persona through Shriya Silver Jewellery.

With hands-on experience in the industry and strong support from industry stalwarts these passionate, fierce and unstoppable ladies have come together to create 

“SHRIYA”, a contemporary jewellery collection that represents the modern woman. Modern designs to traditionally rich custom made jewellery, Shriya has something for everyone.

We understand that each *woman* is different in her own way and hence offer a range with an edge that is as unique as “YOU”.