Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewellery - Shriya Silver- Silver payal - anklets - bangles - rings - earrings

Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewellery

benefits of wearing silver jewellery - shriya silver - shriya - silver anklet - silver bangle - silver kadas - silver rings - antique rings

When you see your mothers, friends, relatives wear Gold or Silver Jewellery, a natural question definitely comes to the mind and that is whether is there a benefit of wearing Jewellery?
Wearing Jewellery has several benefits, health wise, aesthetically, physically and mentally. Wearing Silver Jewellery particularly has many measured and non measured benefits. 
  • Silver has an innate ability to fight off infections, diseases, bacteria, etc There are documented records proving Silver helps fight flu, viruses,etc and also helps as an antibiotic ingredient.
  • It is said, wearing Silver helps in blood circulation, controlling body temperature. It also acts and indicates presence of various infections, lack of certain minerals or presence of toxins. 
  • Silver is not a very expensive metal, so if combined with traditional clothes, stones, etc it can give regular benefits while wearing to the person.
  • Since ancient times, drinking water in silver glass or bowl is considered good for health as it acts as a sterilizing agent, relaxes the blood vessels and acts as a natural disinfectant.
  • It is a natural poison indicator in simple terms for our body. For wounds, cuts, it helps for faster relief.
  • It is very easy to maintain or clean. Unlike Gold or Diamond Jewellery, in most cases, Silver Jewellery can be cleaned by self at home.
  • Silver, being comparatively much cheaper than gold, also gives the maker as well as the wearer flexibility to experiment with designs based on lifestyle, occasions and luxury. 
  • Wearing Silver Kadas/ Bangles increase blood circulation and also act as a natural accupressure for the woman wearing it.
  • Wearing Silver Anklets helps women get relief in pain, menstrual problems, gynecological problems.
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